Reserve now Bordeaux 2011

Reserve now Bordeaux 2011

Reserve now these great wines!

The 2011 vintage brings a classic Bordeaux with deeply colored, fruity and elegant wines with fewer tannins and less alcohol than previous years. With an early flowering due to a warm spring and less rainfall, the cool summer reversed that scenario. Only in the fall from mid-September on, warmer and dry weather assisted the winemakers to benefit from a beautiful Indian Summer. Who until then kept patience was rewarded with wines so fruity fresh which will be drinkable at younger age in the foreseeable future. You can not compete in terms of weight and volume with the 2009ern and 10s, but they’re fine, have clear, fresh and fruity notes and will mature earlier because they have less tannin. The whites have fresh and juicy fruit flavors.

Now is your chance to secure your ownership of these exceptional wines via Subscription. The Subscription are now available at an affordable advance purchase price. You can order prior to receiving an invoice from our firm – or perform a payment by direct debit. After payment, we will send you a TWI certificate that confirms your purchase. The wine will be shipped in Spring 2014 as soon as they are made available by the Chateaux. Your option is to have your wines shipped and stored at Citybond Bordeaux (a climatized, bonded and secure warehouse) or at a location of your preference.

Subscription Overview:

The subscription of Bordeaux wines are known for many years and have a long tradition. A subscription is the only sure way to own the most rare and expensive Investment Grade wines such as the Big 8 and many others from different famous wine regions around the world. This is also the only possibility to receive the favorable primeur prices. We reserve for our investors a contingent of the 2011 Bordeaux to early August 2012, but many of the wines will be sold out very quickly, so do not wait too long with your order. Advance payment befoe delivery as with all Primeur sales are mandatory. You will pay for your wines in advance, after receiving the invoice. After the wines are bottled- primarily after 1-2 years stored in barrels- probably in the spring of 2014 the wines will be delivered under your name into the Bonded Ware house in Bordeaux or shipped to your address of preference . You will be notified before the arrival of the wines in writing.

Purchase Confirmation / Buy Back Guarantee till 2023:

Once we receive your payment, we will send you a signed and sealed certificate for your personal confirmation of purchase. We give a 10 years buy-back guarantee with your subscription leaving you without risk – and only advantages! We also guarantee the quality for all wines under Subscription. Since all 2011 wines are carefully selected by our professional staff we provide a complete buy back up to 2023 at today’s market price – provided the proper storage in a bonded warehouse. There is no risk for you involved!