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Investment Procedure

How to Become a Fine Wine Investor

Prior to becoming a fine wine investor, we recommend that all clients consult with a professional tax advisor to determine any tax liability that you might have from investing in wine. Assess your risk tolerance and investment horizon. How much money are you prepared to invest in fine wine, and how does this investment fit into your overall financial portfolio?

After signing on as a client of THE WINE INVESTORS, you will be assigned a personal wine investment consultant to serve as your guide, counselor and “concierge” in the world of fine wine investment.

We will work with you to develop a personalized wine investment portfolio that is well suited to your investment horizon, investment goals, preferences and interests in fine wine. We will recommend wines for you to purchase, and we will execute the transactions on your behalf, including shipments and storage in a bonded warehouse.

You will get full transparency into your wine investments, as we share the latest insights, market intelligence and investment trends with our clients via our monthly newsletter. We deliver market reports (on a monthly or weekly basis, depending on the client’s investment volume), including an investment report and the client’s personal up-to-date “Net Asset Value” on a monthly basis.

THE WINE INVESTORS makes it easier than ever before for interested investors to access the sophistication and profitable investments of the global market for fine wine.

Clients expect the utmost levels of personal privacy and security for their financial transactions, especially when investing in wine on a global level. THE WINE INVESTORS anticipates the needs of discerning international clients by operating our businesses worldwide in different strategic locations.