The Fees


Our Fee Structure:

THE WINE INVESTORS fee structure is similar to that of a high-end investment manager or hedge Fund. We earn income for the initial work involved in arranging the purchase and storage of the wine and an annual fee for managing client’s wine investment portfolios, including storage and insurance fees. However the bulk of our income arrives when we successfully help a client realize profits from the sale of wines that have appreciated in value over time.


Our Management Service Fee includes:

- Installment Fee of the wine investment package and shipment into Bonded warehouse
- Annual Management Fee of the client’s full wine Investment value
- Annual Storage Fee of all wines from the client’s wine portfolio
- Annual Insurance Fee of all wines from a client’s wine portfolio

With the order of each of your Wine Investment portfolios the above fees are combined into one single management fee covering your first year (12 months) of investing with us. The Management fee is 3.5 – 5% of your total investment value and covers all our fees including yearly storage and insurance.
We charge a separate sales commission of the profits upon sale of wines from a client’s investment portfolio.


Minimum Investment Order

– Private Investment Minimum Order: 25000 EUR
– Business Investment Minimum Order: 75000 EUR


Investing with THE WINE INVESTORS is transparent, pleasant and with reduced risk. For most investment wines ordered and managed through us we provide a 3 to 10 Year Buy-Back guarantee at today’s market price.

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