Top 10 Reasons

1. Long-term investment gains:

Over the past 25 years, fine wine investments have out-performed other traditional investment vehicles, including the FTSE 100.

2. Remarcable ROI:

From 2001 to 2011 (December to December), the Liv-Ex Fine Wine 100 Index delivered an ROI of 202.13%.

3. Hedging against global economic downturns:

Regardless of what happens to global stock and bond markets, the fine wine market is an island of prosperity. The Fine Wine market has proven to show near-zero correlation to other economic trends as well as low volatility.

4. Pay no income tax:

Generally speaking, wine investors pay no income tax on any profits from buying and selling wine.

5. Pay no capital gains tax (CGT):

Wine is exempt from CGT because it is regarded by the Inland Revenue as a “wasting asset” with a predicted lifespan of less than 50 years.

6. Duty-free profits:

If you keep the wine in a bonded warehouse, you also avoid paying Value-added Tax (VAT)and Duty.

7. Investing in fine wine made easy:

Working with THE WINE INVESTORS enables you to invest your money for maximum ROI without having to attend to the daily details of managing transactions and storing wines. We serve as your team of specialists to take the work off your load. We make recommendations, execute sales, store wines, process payments and monitor the progress of your wine investment portfolio.*

8. Fine wine is a global, growing market:

A new generation of wine enthusiasts from China and other emerging economies is entering the fine wine market. These wealthy investors appreciate the finest wines of Bordeaux and other wine regions, and are willing to pay for the rarest and most exclusive vintages.

9. Fine wine investors are still eager to spend:

Wine connoisseurs tend to be wealthy and willing to spend on their favorite wines. Even in the aftermath of a global economic downturn, fine wines have continued to perform well as an investment because they are bought and traded by a rarefied segment of the global elite.

10. Fine wine investment is an exciting lifestyle:

As a client of THE WINE INVESTORS, you will get behind-the-scenes VIP treatment by being invited to wine soirees and exclusive events. Your membership enables you to combine your interests in fine wine and investing. It is a financially profitable journey that offers unparalleled experiences in a fascinating and dynamic international milieu.

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*(NOTE: Be sure to consult with a tax adviser prior to investing in fine wine – THE WINE INVESTORS does not offer tax advice and all of our investors are responsible for any potential tax liability under the laws of the countries where they pay taxes.)