Investment Guide

We recommend the following parameters to help guide our clients’ wine investment decisions:


The fine wine market is increasingly transparent, with market prices and trends accessible online through Liv-Ex and other market intelligence and trading platforms. Yet even with the increased attention from many observers worldwide, there are still opportunities to capitalize on undervalued high-caliber wines. Prices can change rapidly. With the help of THE WINE INVESTORS advanced data tracking and analysis tools, our clients receive the best possible competitive advantages in assessing when it is the right time to buy, and attaining the most competitive purchase price.


Ensuring authenticity of fine wines is of the utmost importance for wine investors, and our team works to verify the provenance of every bottle of wine we purchase on behalf of our clients. By identifying and confirming the record of all known prior owners and locations for each bottle and case of wine, we give our clients the confidence of knowing that they are purchasing wines which are exactly what the label claims to be. With our extensive connections in Bordeaux and relationships with wine merchants in other exclusive wine regions, we often purchase wines that come directly from the chateaux.


Investment grade wine is sold in absolutely perfect condition, with careful attention paid to the storage environment. THE WINE INVESTORS only deals with OWCs (original wooden cases) to ensure the utmost quality. We only work with reliable, experienced, reputable wine merchants who know how to properly stock and care for investment grade wines. Our clients can rest assured that they will only be purchasing wines of the highest quality, in flawless condition.


Just as investors ought to spread their risk around by purchasing multiple asset classes (stocks, bonds, cash, commodities, etc.), THE WINE INVESTORS helps our clients diversify their exposure to the fine wine industry by investing in various labels, regions and provenances. We draw upon our research and industry expertise to assemble a customized wine investment portfolio for each client, based upon the client’s individual investment goals, preferences, and style of investing.