Investment Strategy

THE WINE INVESTORS employs well-defined investment strategies:

Expert Research and Analysis of the Global Fine Wine Trade:

THE WINE INVESTORS relies upon a team of expert researches with many years of experience and highly exclusive relationships with top wine merchants, negociants and chateaux in Bordeaux and other leading wine regions. Simply put, our team of wine investment analysts knows when to buy and when to sell. We are able to stay on the pulse of leading trends in the fine wine trade to ensure that our investors achieve a well-balanced allocation of vintages, labels, regions and varietals. We use a strategic and analytical process to find fine wine investment opportunities based on quantifiable factors such as the price/availability ratio, Q/D Ratio, Present Valuation vs. Potential Upside Analysis.

Active Portfolio Management:

Prices in the fine wine trade can change overnight, and the investment grade wine market is inherently inefficient, creating opportunities to capitalize on temporary price differentials. Our global presence in the fine wine business gives our investors the advantage that comes with physical trading in secondary markets, auctions and transactions with private collectors. Our team of traders is acutely attentive to opportunities, always ready to make a trade when the circumstances are right.

Diverse Portfolio Allocation:

THE WINE INVESTORS is made up of a diverse allocation of primarily French fine wines, with a special emphasis on the most sought-after wines of Bordeaux (the Bordeaux “Big 8”). Our exclusive relationships with registered Bordeaux negociants give our investors the advantage that comes from having an inside presence in one of the wine world’s most complex, fast-paced and tradition-rich wine regions.

Strategic Global Presence:

THE WINE INVESTORS is headquartered in Panama and has extensive relationships in the hubs of the global wine trade including Bordeaux and Hong Kong. Wherever fine wine is traded, our investors can benefit from our team’s ongoing presence, expertise and discerning evaluations of new opportunities to buy and sell fine wines at the right price and the right time.