The Team

The Wine Investors Team

Our Investment Management Team is made up of internationally recognized experts in the global fine wine trade, with exclusive partnerships and relationships in the heart of the Bordeaux region and other premier wine regions of the world.

By investing with THE WINE INVESTORS, you will own a diversified portfolio of well-chosen fine wines, meticulously researched by a team of wine investment experts. We source some of the world’s most exclusive and renowned fine wines, giving investors the opportunity to earn superior investment returns from some of the most prestigious labels and vintages in the global wine trade.

Our Fine Wine Investment team is fluent in all major languages of the global wine trade. We speak: English, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and French. We have unparalleled depth of relationships and trusted contacts in the most rarefied echelons of Bordeaux and other prestigious wine regions.

The Sales & Purchasing Team

Our Sales and Purchasing Team is based in the beautiful town of Baden-Baden, Germany, handling all wine investment procedures. We buy our investment wines in Europe and primarily in the country where the wine originates. We are not buying wines that have been moved over greater distances and that do not have proper documentation and history reports. Our German office is taking care care of all finanical transactions including storage and insurance matters. All Wine Investment procedures and all Wine Investment contracts, European and International ones, are thoroughly checked for accuracy at our location in Baden-Baden.

The China Team

THE WINE INVESTORS team in China has offices in HK and in Shenzhen.
We have established a strong presence in the emerging markets of Hong Kong and mainland China. Our staff members are fluent in Chinese and have nurtured a network of relationships with Chinese wine investors. As the Chinese economy continues to expand, China will continue to see growing interest in the Fine Wine Investment business.
Only the best wine professionals are part of THE WINE INVESTORS team. Our knowhow in daily dealings with Chinese business requirements and fare trade conditions are unmatched. That’s why our Asian clientele has become a major part of our “Wine Investment Family”.